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I am Simone, and I am a designer.

After years in the international fashion industry it was time for me to return:

to doing things with my own hands.

In 2021 I created "das.artisanat" as a network, a workshop, a mindset to feature handmade products with a focus on textiles. I do handweaving and handspinning, I dye local and natural fibres with plants and minerals, I cooperate with sheperds and small manufacturers, I design and launch small limited edition productions of crafted goods, I teach, consult and network.

The multitude of options when manufacturing with my own hands and the flow of ideas when reacting to a material or technique are something fundamental to my creative process. 

The mindful use of natural ressources and the urge to do things responsibly towards nature are the fuel for this project I call "das.artisanat". 

The name is the compound of the French word for craft ("l'artisanat") paired with the neutral German definite article ("das").

das.artisanat is a space to interact, to create and to learn doing things with your own hands.

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